SOLD: Everything You Need to Know About Selling Anything

In his third book, Jacky Chua unveils the closely-guarded tactics of the sales savvy, concrete methods to surpass the competition, and practical strategies that will send your profits skyrocketing. Written in a bold and controversial style, this book reveals the secrets the competition does not want you to know.

  • Inundate your sales funnel with qualified prospects
  • Build instant rapport with your prospects
  • Break down walls of objection to close the deal
  • Generate a bankable database of referrals
  • Conquer the competition using unrivaled closing strategies

Whatever It Takes: Entrepreneur Stories of Grit, Courage and Unyielding Spirit

Is entrepreneurship for you? What does it take to succeed in business? How can you avoid pitfalls and bounce back from setbacks?

Treading the road less traveled isn’t easy; it’s not always a smooth path. To navigate the bumps ahead, it will take guts, foresight and calculated risk. But that’s what makes success all the more sweet, and the toil and moil worthwhile.

  • Draw inspiration from top business minds in unique trades
  • Learn and apply over 50 success tips in your business
  • Multiply your business and personal success

Sales Persona Excellence: The 5 Hidden Determinants
For Quantum Sales Leaps

This book is meant to be a continual resource and an ongoing reference you can consult over and over again. It delves into five key areas that constitute your professional persona, each illustrated with methodologies, strategies, and reflective exercises that challenge and empower you to become the person you should become.

The Leader’s Manual: Recruit and Retain Financial Advisors Without Losing Your Sanity

The Leader’s Manual provides focused and practical strategies to help leaders
like you attract, select, recruit and groom top performing financial advisors.

  • Myths and stale truths impeding your recruitment
  • Key ingredients for establishing the ideal agency culture
  • Methodologies to triumph over recruitment challenges

Tame Your Emotions: A Practical Guide to Overcome Everyday Challenges

The ability to keep your emotions in check can help you to achieve the outcome you desire. Knowing how to shift into the right frame of mind enables you to make better decisions and plot the right course of action.

  • Alter between the positive, negative and neutral state of mind
  • Tweak destructive thoughts using four simple steps
  • Empower positive emotions through effective methods