Partnership Publishing

Our partnership program provides a full suite of services to bring your manuscript to masterpiece. Our optional services caters to your unique publishing needs.

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Publishing Consulting

Plan to self-publish? Sure. With us as your book consultant ensures that you don’t risk precious resources to publish a book that collect dust on the shelve.

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Our Work of Excellence

Our authors have benefited from the services provided in big and small ways. Their endorsements are your assurance that you are definitely in good hands.

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We are available for an in-depth discussion on how you can tap on and benefit from our expertise. We look forward to have a chat with you soon.

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Praises from Our Authors

Reliable and Responsive

Jacky has been a great support in my publishing journey, helping me oversee the nitty-gritty, administrative portions of putting the book together so I didn’t have to deal with those bits. He is also prompt in his responses, which I know is a great asset compared to other publishers that I have heard of from other authors. He’s definitely reliable and someone you can trust to help you ride out your book publication!

Kareen Lai, Author of 18 Again

Had My Back, Went Beyond the Extra Mile

Working with Jacky has been beyond incredible. He demonstrated the epitome of quality, personalization, and beyond the extra mile service, a standard I believe others do not reach. My book launch schedule was really tight, but I could rest easy, knowing he had my back and everything will be settled. As expected, my books arrived without a hitch, and I had a fantastic book launch.

Jason LYJ, Author of You Only Live Twice

Most Valuable Consultation

Jacky has been essential in getting me started on my book, especially in overcoming my own demons; my fears, doubts and uncertainties about becoming an author. His consultation played the most valuable part the completion of my book.

Vivek Iyyani, Author of Empowering Millennials

Exciting and Fulfilling Experience

My book journey with him has been an exciting and fulfilling experience.  I wrote my book during a period when I just completed a retina tear surgery, so my vision was affected and the writing was slow. Apart from the professional advice that Jacky gave me at that time, he was very patience and caring. Thank you Jacky, for this wonderful book experience.

Richard Gavriel, Author of Success

Our Unique Formula for Publishing Success

There is no one in the market like Jacky who understands the inner workings of the publishing game. His unique position as an author of 5 books allows him to relate to the numerous challenges, fears and uncertainties faced by authors. This is his formula to guarantee your publishing success.

Publishing Objectives

Each author’s objective is different, and it is imperative that your book serves your intent exactly the way you envision it to be. We are here to ensure that by working with you to maximize that potential.

Value for Readers

The longevity of your book depends on the value it creates for your readers through your context and content. To pull that off, a thorough understanding of the demographic of your ideal readers is necessary. This is what we are best at doing.


The difference in DIY-ing a subpar book and partnering with an established publisher is the marketability factor. Every aspect of the publication’s quality determines the potential outreach and impact it can make. A book done well can bring you places, open doors and create opportunities. We are here to ensure distribution and publicity.

Praises from Our Authors

Most Valued Publisher (MVP)

Whether you are a widely successful professional or multimillionaire entrepreneur looking to publish your story, Jacky is certainly the MVP to go to. As a Most Valued Publisher to self-publishing authors, he can make the process seamless and enjoyable for you.

Jensen Siaw, Author of Change Your Inner Cards, Win The Outer Game

Five-star, Highly Recommended

Jacky is a very pleasant, meticulous and professional in handling his publishing project. He walks the extra mile to meet my requirements and delivered excellent customer satisfaction. I am grateful to have engaged Jacky as my publisher for my first book, Love Reignited, and definitely will use his service for my future books. Highly recommended. Five-stars material.

Nancy Ho, Author of Love Reignited

Open and Upfront

Jacky, in my consultation with me, has helped me gain awareness of what sold and what people were looking for in a book. More importantly he gave me reference points to decide where I wanted to go so I can make my own decisions. I could trust his advice as he backed it up with experience and was open and upfront.

Ethan Seow, Author of Undelusional

Extremely Patience, Indeed Godsent

Having compared 3 quotations before deciding to go with Jacky and his company, he has been extremely patience throughout. We met up numerous times, each spending hours to discuss on how best I could produce my book. He is indeed Godsent.

Dr. Albert HM Ong, Author of Answering the Call to Serve

Displayed Highest Level of Professionalism

Jacky is my writing coach and publisher. He has displayed the highest level of professionalism in guiding me to communicate my ideas, one step at a time. As an author of several books, his advice has helped me avoid major pitfalls in writing and publishing.

Raymond Ng, Author of Rise of the Small